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Brass Brushes to Clean Carbide Burs

Brass Brushes are suitable to Clean all Carbide Burs & Razertip Feather Former tips

We carry rotary tool supplies & accessories that will work with Foredom, Dremel and other brands of rotary tools

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These brass brushes are ideal for cleaning Typhoon burs & the Razertip Feather Former tips.

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Brass Brush for Ceaning Typhoon Burs.
#FDH58B Brass Brush

Dimensions: 5/8" wide x 5-3/4" long. Solid wood handle. Perfect for use with Typhoon Carbide Burs and Sanding Sleeves for removing dust or chips from between rows of carbide points. This also works great to clean the CARBIDE Gourd Cleaners that you use with an electric drill & Razertip Feather Former Pyrography tips. It is NOT intended for use on the regular Razertip pyrography tips.

Caution, do not use a file card or steel brush to clean Typhoon burs and sleeves.

Made in USA.

Retail Price: $5.20

PRICE:  $4.75