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International Orders From Outside The USA

Sawdust Connection's website is not set up for orders outside the USA

The shopping cart on my website it not set up for orders placed by people outside the USA

Should you place your order directly on my website without reading this policy you will notice that you were not charged for shipping (unless you purchased something with the shipping built into the button). That is because the shopping cart is not set up for orders outside the USA.

Should your order go through (the shopping cart is set up to block payments & orders outside the USA) you will receive a refund fo all but a processing fee Pay Pal charges sellers to cancel an order.

If you wish to order you must contact me directly to place the order.

Below are the shipping terms for orders from outside the USA:

PRIORITY MAIL:  I no longer ship orders outside the USA by priority mail unless the buyer is willing to assume ALL responsibility if the package is lost in transit. Priority mail is no longer traceable and the postal service will no longer process claims for packages lost in transit across borders. If you choose to have your order shipped via Priority mail I will invoice you directly for the order with the stipulation on the invoice that the buyer assumes all responsibility if the package is lost in transit. Orders will be covered by the postal service for damage but not for loss across borders when orders are shipped by Priority Mail.

EXPRESS MAIL: While this option is quite a bit more expensive it is the only assurance of having your package delivered safe and sound. It will be traceable and it will be covered for both loss in transit and damage.

Fees for refunded orders from outside the USA placed directly on my website

If you have placed your order directly on my website before reading this policy please note the following refund policy:

PayPal now charges all sellers a fee on all transactions that are placed with a seller even if it is refunded.

If you are outside the USA and have placed an order directly from my website I will issue a refund for the products ordered & deduct this fee from the refund you receive. There are no exceptions to this.

If you are outside of the USA & wish to order please contact me directly & I can discuss the options for placing your order to avoid problems.

Can I Ship Razertip Products Outside the USA?

Yes, as long as there in no dealer in your country I can help you!

If you wish to order, please contact me directly to see if I can have your order drop shipped directly from the manufacturer. If there is no Razertip dealer in the country where you live I can have Razertip drop ship an order to you at my discounted prices.

What are the Prices for Orders Drop Shipped Directly from Razertip?

You will NOT pay full retail. The only difference in price is for the burner. Euro burners are priced differently than USA 120v burners which are listed on my site & Razertip's website. I will need to get a quote from Razertip so I can give you a quote on what it will cost you.

Since pens, tips, handpiece cords & other accessories do not require special wiring, they will all be at the same price listed on my website.

Just fill out the contact form along with your shipping address, phone number and let me know exactly what you want to order & your voltage requirements. I will get a quote on the price of the burner (if other than 120v) and the shipping & handling charges. I will give you a quote for your order & then bill you through Pay Pal.

Razertip will drop ship the order directly to you and they will handle any claims should there be a problem with the shipment.

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