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Gourd Supplies and Tools - Supplies and Tools for Gourd Art and Other Crafts

Sawdust Connection carries a wide variety of supplies and tools for gourds, pyrography and other crafts

Your source for gourd craft supplies, stamping and other crafts. All the products we carry are the finest quality on the market and the most popular products used by gourd artists, pyrographers, stampers and other crafters.

Be sure to look at the main Store Front page for a complete list of departments and the menu on the left. If you can't find something be sure to look at the Site Map or use the handy-dandy search box all located at the top of each page.

Our New Look & Ads

About 4 years ago I started working on the website to do a total re-vamping of it. It was a majorSawdust Connection's New Ad. undertaking but it has made a huge difference. Between having a beautiful banner & color scheme & now having a menu it's become much more user friendly. Once that was done I began work on our banner, business cards, ads & brochures. All had the same color scheme & went from boring to bright & cheery. I had wanted to update our look for some time but so many things got in the way of accomplishing that. All the changes seem to have helped & people are finding the website much more user friendly.

Look for our new ads in the American Gourd Society magazine & patch newsletters, woodcarving newsletters & websites. You can't miss our ad...it's the one with the Golden Eagle on it!

Click on the links below to go to the most popular gourd supply departments!

Pyrography woodburning tools, pens and accessories. Foredom K.5230 Gourd Carving Kit. Mini jig saws, scroll saws, gourd saws; transformers and accessories.

Razertip Pyrography Woodburning Tools, Pens & Accessories

Foredom Flexible Shaft, Portable & High Speed Micromoto & Bench Top Tools & Accessories

Mini Saws, Blades & Transformers

Razaire 530 Dust Collector, Filters & Accessories

Pyrography, woodburning tools, starter kits, pens & accessories

Power carving tools, kits, burs, handpieces and accessories

Proxxon Saws, blades & accessories

The smallest, quietest, most powerful & versatile portable dust collection system

Nedra's Special Formula 2 oz Size. Gourd Supply Products aka Memories Dye Inks. Hand carved wooden zuni bear bead in dark wood. Staybowlizer Silicone Bowl & Gourd Stabilizer.

Finish, Conditioner & Cleaner

Dye Inks & Metallic Ink Markers

Beads & Embellishments

Gourd & Craft Supplies

Nedra's Special Formula Conditioner, Finish, Cleaner

 GourdSupply Products Dye Inks & Metallic Ink Markers

Hand-made wood beads & embellishments

Miscellaneous Gourd & craft supplies

Applicators & Brushes. Chicken Hackle Brown. Clearance Center.

Applicators, Brushes & Scoops

Microbrushes, Taklon micro detail brushes, applicator cubes, foam wedges & more


Decorative & exotic feathers of every shape, size & color. Perfect for masks & other crafts.

Clearance Center

Save on discontinued products & colors

About my Gourd Art Supplies Store

Welcome to my gourd world where you will find the best quality supplies & tools for gourd art, pyrography, stamping, woodturning, woodworking, woodcarving and other crafts. In addition to inks, paint, mediums and applicators I carry specialty items such as the Microlux Gourd Saw, Proxxon Mini Jig Saw, The Gourd Saw; Nibsburner and Razertip woodburning tools, and so much more.

 I also offer gourd books through Amazon, beads hand carved by Alan, pyrography tools, mini saws, dye inks, applicators, and so many other specialty items I know you will love. These supplies are not just for gourd artists but for woodcarvers, woodworkers, pyrographers, rubber stampers, card makers and just about any other craft. 

I have been involved in art most of my life and with gourds and woodworking for many years. I started selling my tools and supplies at woodcarving and woodworking shows in 1999 and at gourd shows since 2007 after retiring from my day job. 

My online store, SawdustConnection.com was launched in 2002 which catered mostly to the needs of woodburners, woodcarvers and woodworkers initially but as my interest in gourds grew so did my store and it eventually grew to include gourd supplies. 

After moving back to New Mexico in 2007 I found myself drawn back into working with gourds more and experimenting with lots of new products, mediums and embellishments. After careful review of the store I made a decision to slim down on some woodworking tools to make room for more gourd supplies that I've been personally using for many years. I decided to give them their "own space" and expanded the store to include departments that cater to the needs of gourd artists. 

Some of the specialty tools I carry for gourd artists are the Minicraft & Proxxon mini jig saws, Gourd Scrapers and Razertip Gourd Starter Kits designed with the Gourd Lover in mind and I have trouble keeping them in stock since I started carrying them!

I'm always looking for new products and as I discover them I test them out myself for a while and if I think it's something my customers will like I "test the waters" to see how well others like them.

The gourd shown here was made with products from my gourd art supplies store and yes, I do use the products I sell. This gourd was made using GourdSupply Products dye inks, Jo Sonja paint and Lumiere paint. 

The GourdSupply Products dye inks are light-fast, acid free water based dyes that are fade resistant (note they Santa Fe Steps gourd made by Nedra.are not completely fade proof...not much is). These are by far the most popular products used by gourd artists and most of you first discovered them from Maria Dellos who developed the techniques using these dye inks on gourds. Everybody just loves them including me. GourdSupply Products dye inks are the same ones used by Maria. Available in a wonderful selection of colors and because these dye inks have no alcohol, they won't fade or streak like alcohol based products such as leather dyes. The inks are made in America and I'm so pleased to be able to offer them to you at very reasonable prices. These dyes are perfect for gourd artists as well as rubber stamping enthusiasts. I have also put together kits that contain everything you need to get started.

If you haven't already discovered the wonderful world of gourd decorating I invite you to give it a try. Experiment with all the products in our paint department and see all the wonderful things you can do with them.

Free Tutorials

Please check out my Gourd Crafts 101 Tutorial to help gourd enthusiasts get started using some of these wonderful products and most important my Gourd Pyrography Safety Tutorial

Thank you for stopping by and come back often!

Happy Gourding ©!

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