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Decorative and Exotic Feathers - Natural Molt Feathers for a Variety of Crafts

Fabulous feathers for all of your craft needs

When I started making gourd masks my goal was finding the best quality natural feathers that were dye-free. All of these feathers are the finest quality I have been able to find & all hand-picked by me.

Every feather is incomparable with their natural, dye-free vivid coloring. Check out the striking iridescence of the Macaw feathers & the Lady Amherst with their stunning iridescent striped pattern & dye-free orange tips.

Some of the feathers I carry include: Pheasant (Lady Amherst, Golden, Reeves), Macaw, Parrot, Cockatiel, Cockatoo, Ostrich, Peacock, Duck, Turkey, goose, & more. Some are exotic & rare but all of them are gourdgeous.

All of these decorative feathers are suitable for use in a wide variety of crafts such masks, fans, hair fasteners, millinery, fans, earrings & may more uses. I am confident that you will enjoy these feathers as much as I do.

NOTE: I now have an abundance of feathers that I am no longer stocking. These are feathers that were purchased for my own personal use on the gourd masks I was making, for my classes & for sale at shows. Due to the large quantity & variety that I stocked I never posted them on the website.

Since I am no longer doing masks, classes or shows anymore I have posted them all on the website.


Gourd Masks Using Some of My Feathers

Gourd mask entitled Warrior Queen is made with exotic feathers and beads.The main reason I started buying feathers was my new fascination with masks & my desire to createEvangeline Gourd Mask Finished. unique one-of-a kind works of art. I was picky about each feather used in my masks & I didn't want any that were dyed.

For many years after my "melt down" I was unable to paint or perceive color. When I got back into art I turned to woodcarving & woodburning because it didn't require the ability to perceive color. As my brain healed all that started changing & when I started working with gourds it opened up so many new opportunities to work with color.

Gourd mask entitled Elektra is made with colorful coordinating beads and feathers.My fascination with masks was the perfect opportunity for me to get really wild & crazy.Angelique Gourd Mask finsihed with Earrings. I became "driven" to create unique masks with bright & cheery colors & the feathers I found were the perfect frame for my faces. Each creation is a work of art that evolves every step of the way. The colors I use in the face & feathers are all coordinated so they work together rather than against each other. It's critical that my feathers are extraordinary, not ordinary. They must enhance each mask & there is no room for feathers that are anything less than exceptional & none of them are dyed.

You will find a wide variety of feathers on these pages including: Ostrich, Peacock, Pheasant, Turkey, macaw & more.

Supply on all these feathers is limited to what I have on hand & are continually changing.

Availability & ordering the feathers

Please note that each of these feathers are available in very limited quantities. Because of this I have opted to not add "add to cart" buttons. I ask that you contact me to order to avoid disappointment.

You will need to email me your order with the item number & price when you email me your order. Please include your full name, address & phone number. I will then invoice you through Pay Pal.

NOTICE: These feathers are being sold at my cost or below. Even though they are not posted in the Clearance Center (due to the large quantity of feathers) they ARE considered Clearance & are not "returnable"

As of 5/28/16 All Feathers have been posted to the website.

How will I know that I get what I want?

Very easy, each item listed is photographed & has a unique item number so what you see in the photo is what you get. There are no surprises but please keep in mind that photos are not as accurate as the real thing. In most cases the colors of the actual feathers will be more vivid than you see in the photos.

How to Order

There are 6 pages with feathers & every "pack" has been individually photographed. Due to the large quantity & the fact that in most cases there is only 1 pack of each left I did not make up PayPal buttons for the feathers. If you want any of the feathers please send me an email with the following information:

TO ORDER: Please email me the following information:

Your name, address & phone number

Item number & description of the feathers you want

Once I receive your order I will send you an invoice through PayPal. Once paid the order will ship. The items will remain on the website until the invoice is paid so it's best to pay the invoice ASAP to ensure you get the feathers you want.


The feathers are being sold at my cost or below. Since there are hundreds of packets of feathers I have added them to their own pages but they are considered Clearance Center items since they are discontinued items. This means that as Clearance Center items they are excluded from our return policy.



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