Art Gallery - Art by Customers and Former Students of Nedra Denison, Owner of Sawdust Connection

Art work submitted by my former students & customers using some of the products I sell

I am always thrilled when customers & former students want to share the work they have done using some of my products. It's now my pleasure to share some of it with you. Hopefully it will help inspire you.

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Art Gallery

Trung Nghia Nguyen from Vietnam Trung Nghia Nguyen.

Full name: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa (English name: Daniel)

Trung Nghia was born to a family of devout Protestants in 1981 in Phuoc An Village,
Krongpac District, Daklak Province where he grew up in the multiethnic Western Highlands of Central Vietnam.

Nghia left his hometown to study at the University of Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City in Sai Gon, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. He has participated in the artistic scene as a professional painter since 2011.

“Since childhood, I was living in the mountainous and forestry regions. I have loved and have been grateful to, and experienced all the beautiful things ever present when people were living at peace and in communion with nature and the animals. In the state of mind of a person aspiring Tiger done by Trung Nghia the harmony of all living things, I have witnessed and felt sad at the phenomenon of increasing destruction, disaster,
and death of many species caused by those who brazenly transform the wonders of fire, of light into a means of annihilation. This has taken place silently, secretly in the region of my livelihood, without any possibility of prevention and control; and it is expanding every day. I could not do anything to help. There come, an idea crossed in my mind – to record and trace the call of the wilderness and its inhabitant by means of the materials of fire, smokes, and sulfur to recuperate the power and values of fire, and used it to mark down the vanishing beauty of the natural environment, in the way of a witnessing historian with a brush".

Trung Nghia uses smoke, fire and gunpowder—originally a force of destruction—to depict theElegant Beauty by Trung Nghia Nguyen. immense beauty of Wildlife and Nature through Art. In working with these materials, Nghia hopes to signal an alarm on the destruction and annihilation of the natural environment and its fauna.

In 2012 Trung's sister, Kim, who lives in Florida, orderd a Razertip dual output burner from me. I had no idea what he was going to use the burners for but I was so excited when she recently shared with me Trung's art work. Kim contacted me recently to purchase 2 more burners & shared with me some of Trung's work. Along with photos she sent me his portfolio & a video which visually tells the story of Trung & how he creates his masterpieces. I was amazed at his unique work & his passion for what he was doing.

What I learned from Kim is that Trung Nghia uses his Razertip dual output burner for the finishing touches & fine detail work. Trung Nghia Nguyen Crownless King.

These are the pens he uses in his work:

  • HD5MP & HD5MSP - Bent Spear Shaders
  • F14D & HD14SM - Round Heeled Knives
  • F9S, F9 & F9PL - Writers & Gourd Poker
  • F99008, F99023 & F99030 - Ball Stylus
  • HD1SL - Long Skew

If you are interested in his work you may contact Trung or his sister Kim. Trung is not fluent in English but his sister, Kim will be happy to help with the communication issues.

Trung Nghia Nguyen

Kim Huynh

I hope you enjoy looking at Trung's amazing work as much as I have.

Kimberly Brown from Texas

Both the Frenchy and the Yorkies are commissioned pieces. Kimberly's Jack Russell Terrier mix.

"I have known I could draw all my life and took classes in high school and college but didn't do any art for almost 20 years. A couple of years ago I began to draw a little again and also decided to try a cheap pyrography gun from a local at store... I loved it. But it had limitations.

 About a year ago I got seriously ill and wasn't able to continue working. I thought maybe it was God's way of telling me to "sit still and draw, I have a different plan for you".

I got a nice pyrography machine and worked hard improving my skills in other mediums too. I am now selling commission work in graphite, Pastel and wood burning, I focus mainly French Bulldog.on animals.

The burning at the top of the page with the mohawk is a jack Russell mix (he is passed now, he used to ride with me on my motorcycle and kayak), The oval plaque is a French Bulldog & the other burning are Yorkies.

All three of these pieces were burned on Basswood and I used the Razertip DualYorkies done by Kimberly Brown. Output burner & I primarily the (HD5MP) Bent Spear Shader for the burnings."

I'd say that Kimberly has done a fantastic job on these dog portaits. She has captured their personality & brought them to life.

If you would like to contact Kimberly to do a commissioned piece you can contact her by email or through her Facebook page. She is in the process of developing a website as well.

Kimberly Brown

Kimberly Brown Art


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