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Chip Carved & Fretwork Crosses by Alan Denison

We have beautiful Carved & fretwork crosses hand-made by Alan Denison. 

Unlike many fretwork crosses made with white wood and stained, Alan's fretwork crosses are made with all natural woods that are finished only with Danish Oil to bring out the rich natural wood grain. He uses a variety of wood, including: Mahogany, cherry, walnut, maple, birch and some rare exotic woods. Prices for the rare exotic woods will be higher. 

Alan is now also doing some chip carved crosses and will be adding some of these crosses as he makes them. The chip carved crosses are all hand carved and labor intensive and are priced according to the amount of time involved in carving.

Please contact us to order

Al is no longer making fretwork crosses. Only those fretwork crosses showing prices are still available. Please contact us to order.

Updated: 12/19/16


#700.2 Medieval 7-1/2"

Made on a variety of woods with varnish applied

PRICE: $49.95

NOW: $34.95

Miedeval Cross.

"Climbing Ivy" scrollsaw by Alan Denison.

#720 Climbing Ivy

Available in two sizes and a variety of different woods

13 1/2 inches


Price: $69.95

 NOW: $55.00

#705 Cross with Crown

Available in two sizes and a variety of different woods

15 inches


Price: $69.95

 NOW: $55.00

"Cross with Crown" scrollsaw by Alan Denison.

"Ivy Cross" scrollsaw by Alan Denison.

#713 Ivy Cross

 Available in two sizes and a variety of different woods

14 inches


Price: $69.95

 NOW: $55.00