Gourd, Pyrography and Craft Supplies - Supplies & Tools for Gourd Art, Woodburning & Other Crafts

Supplies and Tools for Gourd Art, Pyrography, Card Making, Stamping, Scrapbooking, Woodburning and other crafts

Pyrography tools, gourd saws, rotary tools, alcohol & water-based inks, paint, metal leafing, metallic Powdered Pigments, mediums & so much more. We've been around since 1999 & there's a reason why...we offer great service & very competitive prices.

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Because of the high cost of processing unsecured (un-swiped credit card sales) to small business owners I no longer take credit cards over the phone. For the fastest service I suggest you order directly online. Ordering is secure & confidential. I do not receive your credit card info. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but this is the only way I can maintain my discounted prices.

If you do not wish to order online, please download my mail order form.

Don't know what to get someone for a gift? No problem, I can help!

Buying for a loved one can be a challenge so I'm here to help. Just contact me for suggestions or to order discuss gift certificate options. If you want a gift certificate I will be sure to mail or email it (if short notice) the along with a mail order form to arrive by the date you request.

Check out the great new pages & products in our store

Page updates are done on this website from time to time. If you have visited any of the store front pages recently it's a good idea to "refresh" the page to ensure you are viewing the updated page. If you have not recently cleared the cache on your computer right click in the corner of the page & then click "refresh" or "reload" to ensure you are viewing the current version of that page with the new products, color swatches, price updates.

    • NEW! RAZERTIP HD7M MEDIUM ROUND SKEW. It is great for doing curved or straight

      lines, hatching & cross hatching, hair & feathers & undercutting burnings to create more depth. Great for fine detail on feathers or hair on sculpted or "bumped" surfaces. Very popular with more advanced bird & animal carvers.

    • NEW! RAZERTIP GOURD ARTIST STARTER KITS. These new starter kits will be shippedRazertip SSD Gourd Artists Starter Kit. directly from me. These starter kits include everything you need to get started...including the burner (power supply). They will be available in Single & Dual Output options. The photo on the right just shows the accessories that go with the power supply.
    • NEW!  THERMAL FINGER GUARDS. Silicone finger guards keep your fingers coolThermal Finger Guards. while using hot glue, pyrography tools, & other hot tools.
    • NEW! RAZERTIP PYROGRAPHY STARTER KITS. These new starter kits will be shipped directly from me. These starter kits include everything you need to get started...including the burner (power supply). They will be available in Single & Dual Output options. The photo on the right just shows the accessories that go with the power supply.
    • NEW PAGE! - Nedra's Private Collection Sale - You've seen all the crafting "Destash" groupsRazertip Dual Output Starter Kit SSD-KIT02 on Facebook where people clean out their "Collections". This is the same thing but I put it on my website. These items are not being sold through Sawdust Connection, they are just listed there. These are items I bought for my own personal use. Perhaps I never got a chance to use them, bought more than I needed or perhaps used just once & didn't need it anymore. Great products & great prices!

About Sawdust Connection & My Store

As a woodburner & gourd artist I use every product I sell & I carry only the finest quality wood burning tools from the leader in the industry, Razertip. I personally worked with Razertip to make pens to meet my needs professionally & as an instructor & continue to add exclusive kits & tip sets to my store front.

I also carry a great selection of mini jigsaws that will satisfy all your needs including the Minicraft mini saw made in England & everybody's favorite the Proxxon mini saws.

I have been an artist all my life but as a child it was more of a hobby. I started my own business back in 1993 after getting burned out on the job & continued with the business until it grew too large for me to handle. A few years later Sawdust Connection was created as a means of selling our wood art. When I began teaching Pyrography in 2000 the business expanded & I started selling supplies in my classes & at woodcarving shows. By 2002 this website was created with only a few pages displaying our art & the Woodburning tools. Every year the business slowly grew as I continued to add products that my customers were asking for. After retiring from a 33 year career with the VA I went full time with my business & it has continued to grow & evolve ever since. While many business' have closed their doors during this tough economy we are still rock solid & will be until I retire...again!


Based on my years of experience in the art field & in business world I pick & choose the supplies I sell very carefully based on my own personal experience, while taking into consideration as to what my customers want. In many cases I add items because customers have requested them, but only after I test them out myself. If they meet my expectations & fit with what I already sell I will do my best to add them to our product line. I only sell products I personally use & can endorse. Why? Because I feel that if I can't honestly say I use them, like them & can discuss the pros & cons of the products how can I sell them.

Please feel free to check out my gallery to see my gourds & pyrography. You will see how I use the products I sell in my art work. So, yes, I am an artist & yes I use the products I sell!

Like most business' throughout the year I assess our product line & if items are not selling I will discontinue to make room for new merchandise. It's my goal to maintain products that are what my customers are looking for.


Yes, maybe you can save money elsewhere with free shipping or lower shipping & handling but if you call my business you get to talk to me, not a computer & American English is my first language (& only language).

This is what else what YOU are doing & what YOU are getting if you buy from me:

  • You are supporting a small mom & pop business
  • You are buying from a company based in the good ole' USA
  • You actually get to talk to a live person & don't have to press 1 for customer service & 2 for something else, etc.
  • You don't get put on hold & listen to elevator music for 15 minutes or more
  • You get to talk to a person who speaks American English
  • You are helping the US economy
  • You are getting the help you need when you need it
  • You will get expert advice
  • You will get great customer service
  • You will buy quality products
  • You will never be talked into buying something you don't need
  • You might get talked out of something you don't need.
  • You get discounted prices which in some cases (like Razertip, Foredom & Proxxon) you will save a lot more even with the higher shipping rates.

Did you notice that it's all about YOU!

I know sometimes it's cheaper & faster to order from Amazon or from other large companies but if you are like me you understand the value of your time, the pleasure of talking to a live person & the relief of not having to deal with people who's 1st language is not English.

There are really are some advantages of dealing with the little guy ;))

So if you call me for help & guidance I sure do hope you will follow up & buy from me!

I really do appreciate you & the time you have taken to read all this.

Before you start shopping:

I hope you will take a few minutes to scroll down & read the information below the department links. Let me tell you how I am different from many companies, my business philosophy & my pricing.

You might also check out some of the feedback from some of my customers!



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Iguana Crossing Gourd Vase by Nedra Denison. Bowl w/ Blackberry border.

Gourd Art, Scrapbooking & Stamping Supplies

Dye Inks, sealers,  conditioners, beads, gourd tools & other supplies just for gourd artists!

Wood Products

Wood boxes, bowls, plates, planks, plaques, etc. for carving, burning & other crafts

Pyrography woodburning tools, pens and accessories. Chicken Hackle Brown. Power tools and accessories.
Razertip Pyrography Woodburning Tools, Pens & Accessories Feather's Mini Saws, Blades & Transformers Razaire 530 Dust Collector, Filters & Accessories

Pyrography, woodburning tools, starter kits, pens & accessories

Decorative & exotic feathers of every shape, size & color. Perfect for masks & other crafts

Proxxon & Minicraft Saws, blades & accessories

The smallest, quietest, most powerful & versatile portable dust collection system

Staybowlizer Silicone Bowl & Gourd Stabilizer. Gourd Supply Products aka Memories Dye Inks. Nedra's Special Formula 2 oz Size. Clearance Center.
Gourd & Craft Supplies

Dye Inks

Pigment Inks

Finish, Conditioner & Cleaner Clearance Center

Miscellaneous Gourd & craft supplies

 GourdSupply Products Dye Inks & Acrylic Pigment Inks. Each has their own page.

Nedra's Special Formula Conditioner, Finish, Cleaner

Save on discontinued products & colors

Applicators & Brushes. Craft, Pyrography and Woodworking Supplies. Patterns for pyrography and other crafts. Craft, Gourd & Pyrography Books.
Applicators, Brushes & Scoops Craft, Pyrography & Woodworking Supplies Patterns Books

Microbrushes, Taklon micro detail brushes, cotton applicators, foam wedges & more

Craft burners, Pyrography pen holders & plaques, transfer paper & more

Patterns for pyrography, Woodburning & other crafts

Craft, Pyrography, Gourd crafting books & other craft related books

About My Website, The Menu & Online Store

My goal is to make my website user friendly. What that means is it is clean, uncluttered, organized & easy to navigate.

I started this site all by myself back in 2002. It was a major challenge for me since I was not a computer person but I did have some help from a friend in Canada. Over the years I have worked hard to maintain this site & tried to make it as easy to navigate & find things. Back then the site was small & very basic but it met my needs for many years. The internet changed & with it so did requirements for websites. That meant I had to learn all over again & it was frightening. I was fortunate to meet up with a lady who agreed to help me redesign this website to bring it into the 21st Century. For that I am forever grateful to her. I am now in the new era & am able to maintain the site all by myself!

I know how frustrating it can be to figure out where things are & finding what you are looking for without all the clutter & mess. I try to listen to comments from customers who have had real trouble finding things or navigating. Often it has turned out that they didn't scroll down on the page far enough to find the merchandise or they neglected to read the information. When I hear a comment from a customer saying they had real difficulty (& it is something that was not user error) with something on the site I try to resolve the problem to make it easier for my customers.

ABOUT THE MENU: One issue that people have found is that if they click on an item in the menu such as "Razertip Pyrography Tools" they can't find items or add to cart buttons on that page. Many of the storefront pages have subcategories such as the Razertip page. So, when you click on the link it brings all those subcategories up to the top of the menu. In the case of the Razertip categories you will then find the page with the burners, kits & accessories, the pens & even pages with information & tutorials. So if you land on a page in the shop by category page & there's no pages to buy things just look at the menu on the left & you will probably see those pages listed on the top left side of the menu.

If you are still having a problem with the store front or menu & can't find what you're looking for please feel free to contact me & let me know what the problem is but I think with the new search box & site map you should find it much easier to find what you are looking for. But if you need help be sure to tell me what the problem is & where you found (or didn't find) it.

How I Am Different Than Other Online Stores

When you need help, I'm the one who will give it to you, not a sales person who has never wood burned or worked on a gourd. You will get advice from someone who actually understands your needs & isn't just trying to sell a product. You will find I'm not a great sales person, just an honest person trying to help you find the tools & products you need. On top of all that I've got very competitive prices on everything I sell. What more can you ask for, good prices, good service & great products! 

When you call, you get me, Nedra, not an operator or a computer or someone from some foreign country that doesn't speak American English. You don't get put on hold either, you just get fast, personalized service. I'm here to help you choose the right product.

So, who ya gonna call...Sawdust Connection, The Pyrography Specialists!

Alan & I personally research every item I sell. Some of the criteria for the selection of pyrography tools includes: superior customer support from the manufacturers I work with, prompt & efficient service & delivery of products, lasting quality of the product & it's ease & comfort in use. I have a personal relationship with each & every supplier & tool manufacturer or distributor that I represent. I ensure that they understand the importance that I give to supporting my customers & how will he/she extend themselves to make sure that every customer is happy with his or her purchase. You can be assured that everything you find in my online catalog has been tested & used by one or both of us.

If you are still overwhelmed about what to order or have any other questions please feel free to use the contact page & contact me or call me at the number on the contact page (during our regular business hours please).  Please keep in mind that even though I work out of our home we both appreciate your consideration & call during my posted business hours. Like you, I need to have some personal down time to relax.

I am frequently contacted by suppliers & manufacturers to sell their products but I am very particular about who my company represents. The companies I do business with are only those who we feel meet my standards in excellence & have continued to provide me & my customers with the best quality products as well as good customer service. To me having one without the other does not meet my expectations so I don't expect you to get anything less!

I have one of the largest inventory of pyrography tools, pens, tip sets & accessories & try to ensure that all products are in stock at all times.

I was the first to offer wood burning starter kits with everything you need & the widest choice of options. I have found over the years that people just starting out like the option of having everything they need all put together for them. My pyrography kits are available for Razertip woodburners & also include gourd starter kits. I also sell starter kits for all the inks as well.

Razertip has worked closely with me & made many pens for me based on my specifications including the HD5MP, HD5MSP, #14D, #9P, the #99 ball stylus pens , the new 9L & the latest of my own pyrography & gourd tip sets.

About My Prices

I offer you very competitive prices on everything I sell including wood burning tools & accessories.  Most prices are discounted every day, not just on special occasions or the 3rd Tuesday of the month or every other weekend.

I also DO NOT inflate the retail price just so I can offer you the actual retail price (or more) as our "sale price". Yes, it's very common for a dealer to take the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) & inflate it. Then when they say it's on sale you are actually paying the MSRP. Just take a look at Razertip's website for their prices. Then look at my prices for the identical item & you will see that I list their actual retail price & my "real" discounted price. I don't play games!

I do not price match other dealers but I do price check regularly & try to make sure our prices are competitive with other dealers. I understand how important it is to get a good price so I try to offer you the best price I can without giving it away.

Some dealers are able to offer deep discounts because they are also distributors (big volume buyers) & get better discounts than small independent dealers. So, it is impossible for small independent dealers to compete & I won't even try. I try to keep the prices competitive but I do have to make a living & I'm not a distributor so I don't get the deep discounts that distributors get.

My Sales Philosophy


"It has to be not only the best, but if I wouldn't use it myself I won't sell it & if I wouldn't sell it to my mother, I won't sell it to you". That's my bottom line...not just a sales pitch!

I won't talk you into buying things you DON'T need & I might actually talk you out of buying things you don't need.

I'm not in this business to sell you things you don't need. My goal is to help you choose the right tools & products for your needs. I know what it's like to get talked into buying tools you don't need, I've been there, so I just won't do it. 

The bottom line....I am not a salesperson (& never will be) & I will not sell you things you don't need just to make a sale. In fact I'm known as the crazy lady who will actually talk you out of buying things you don't need. Yup, even some of my friends think I'm nuts doing this!

My goal is to treat you the way I would want to be treated by giving you more than you expect!

In addition to excellent service, I stand behind what I sell, after all I use it myself so I feel confident that you will be happy with your purchase but if you aren't, please check out my guarantee & returns

If you have comments about my products or service please let me know. I love to hear from my customers & I am continually adding products based on your feedback. I do listen!

I know you can shop anywhere so I truly appreciate you stopping by & shopping with me. I want you to know that I appreciate you & thank you for your business! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be in business.

Shipping Rates, Information & Orders from Outside the USA

Please be sure to read my shipping policy for complete information including information on orders from  outside the USA

My back order policy

I try to keep my inventory well stocked, but it is not always possible, especially during the holiday season or when we are traveling. When I am low on an item or out of stock I usually try to post a notice on the website to contact me before ordering & when it might be available.

I do not ship backorders separate. If you have ordered an item that is out of stock I will make an attempt to contact you to see if you wish to wait until the item is received (only if it's due within a few days), accept a substitute or cancel the order & get a refund for the item that is out of stock.   

Customer Testimonials

Here's what our customers have to say about me..... Customer Testimonials

Thanks for taking the time to read this page.  I hope that you feel more comfortable now doing business with me. 

Thanks for stopping by. I thank you for your time & I hope I have earned your business

Nedra Denison signature.

My e-mailing list

I DO NOT automatically add customers to my mailing list when they order from me. But I do maintain a emailing list. I use this list to let you know of new products or close-outs. If you wish to opt-out from my mailing list at any time please let me know & I will remove you immediately. Please note that I DO NOT sell, give away or exchange any personal information about any of our customers. Please read my Privacy Policy.

If you wish to opt-out from our mailing list, Please click here to opt-out from my mailing list. Be sure to include your name.