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Razertip pyrography pens for general purpose burning and specialty use pens - We have something for everyone!

Razertip Pyrography pens & tips: I use, recommend and sell fixed-tip handpieces, which are recommended for general pyrography use. Interchangeable-tips are normally recommended for only intermittent light use. I do stock a variety of tip sets but do not stock individual tips.

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Razertip offers a variety of general purpose pens as well as specialty use pens

Tutorial on Razertip Tools & Tips

For a complete tutorial on the uses, selection and care, please click here to go to the "Pyrography 101" Razertip burner and pen tutorial. The tutorial contains everything you need to know about Razertip burners and pens, FAQ's and photos with examples of how the pens can be used. It can be a great guide to help you decide which pens you might need or how to use the ones you already have and don't know what to do with. There is also a tutorial on other aspects of pyrography, such as safety, wood selection and prep, supplies and more.



Razertip's Unconditional Warranty

Unlike any other pyrography tool Razertip offers this warranty: If any Razertip product fails to operate properly for any reason during its warranty period, Razertip Industries, Inc. will, at Razertip's discretion, repair or replace the product at no cost to the consumer, provided the product is returned prepaid to Razertip Industries Inc. Click here for complete warranty information on our website.

About Razertip's Fixed-tip Pens

The Razertip fixed-tip pens are one of the most comfortable pens you will find and they don't burn your fingers when used properly. They were developed by the same man who developed the original Optima pens. Razertip offer one of the largestt variety of tip styles on the market. They are the thinnest tips available with pre-sharpened and polished tips, ready to go right out of the package. Shorter length tips allow you to get closer to your work and have more control than many other brands. The foam pen grips are soft and comfortable.


Razertip Handpieces

All of the Razertip Fixed-tip pens come with a vented hand piece which help keep the pen cooler.

The new heavy-duty fixed-tip pens are even better than ever before with a larger foam grip to make the pens even more comfortable. This pen has a number of "firsts" for Razertip: it's our first pen with front, mid, and rear ventilation; and their first pen incorporating ceramic components. It's very cool (in every sense of the word) and comfortable.

The HD come with a larger foam grip built for maximum durability and comfort. They incorporate heavier connector posts and a heavier, tougher wire. HD pens require a higher heat setting than most standard pens and they can get warmer on the fingers than standard pens. They are ideal for applications where the flat side of the tip is used (shading, quill-making, etc.).

I typically recommend the HD version handpieces to people who have large hands or are heavy-handed (tend to use pressure)

About the Razertip Pens & Tips I stock

Over the years I have added & deleted pens based on sales which equates to popularity. If a pen styleRazertip pen & tip set bins. sits on the shelf & they don't sell I remove it from inventory BUT I will special order any pen that Razertip manufactures & you will receive it at my discounted prices.

I do not stock individual interchangeable tips but I do carry many tip sets. I try to keep the most popular ones on hand & like the pens I can special order any tip set. I will special order individual tips if you are going to be ordering other Razertip items.

The photo on the right shows some of the bins with the pens & tip sets I stock. I started using these bins MANY years ago when we were traveling to shows. It keeps them fairly organized & easy to access at shows. When we get back from a show the bins just get put back on the shelves where they stay until the next show comes around.

This system worked so well for me some of the new Razertip dealers decided I had the right idea & the next time I saw them at a show guess what....they had bins just like I did. My bins are getting a little worse for wear but what can you expect after 15+ years of carting them around to shows! But now that I no longer do shows they get to stay put on the shelves & should last until I decide to retire or sell the business!

Key to Razertip Pen & Tip ID #'s

  • NOTE: All of the Razertip product ID#'S that I sell start with "RT"
  • T(#)    = Standard tip only
  • TH(#) = Heavy-Duty tip only
  • F(#)    = Fixed-tip standard pen
  • HD(#) = Fixed-tip Heavy-Duty Pen

Have questions or need ideas of what you can use some of the tip styles for?

check on the Razertip Tutorial Page for sample burnings with some of the tip styles. They can be found at the bottom of the page.

Pen Tip Styles I Carry and Special Orders on Styles I Don't Stock

With well over 860 tip styles and sizes, it's impossible to carry them all so I now carry the most popular, most versatile & most useful pens made by Razertip. If there is a pen or tip style you want and I do not carry it I would be happy to order it for you. For a complete list of Razertip tip styles, please go to the Razertip website at Razertip Industries. I will be happy to do a special order if there's something you need & I don't stock it.

All special orders for items I do not stock will be at discounted prices. I do not stock individual tips except for a few styles & I do not do special orders if you are ordering only individual tips. If you are ordering individual tips along with other Razertip products I would be happy to do a special order for you & it will drop ship directly from Razertip.

The bottom line is that after selling pyrography tools for over 16 years I have discovered the pens that sell and those that don't. I have refined my inventory based on what sells & those items that are requested infrequently will be special ordered.

For more information on special orders, the discounts & pricing for special orders please go to the Razertip main page.

Pen Tips Made to My Specifications

Since I started selling Razertip woodburners back in 2002, Razertip has made several pens for me based on my specifications. I told them what I needed and they worked on the designs and sent me prototypes to test out. I tested each pen until the exact design was just the way I wanted. As Razertip saw how popular they were, these tip styles were incorporated in their regular line.

It all started with "my" bent spear shader",  the HD5MP and the original ball stylus' (.08-50).

Next I worked with Razertip to design the #14D which is a modified round-heeled knife that is smaller with a blunt heel to make it more versatile & it is especially good on sharp turns.

The #9P was then developed to create a micro writer for fine writing & detail work.

A smaller version of my HD5MP was developed when I was working on my golden eagle and found the need for a thinner, longer version of my favorite Bent Spear Shader. The HD5MSP is a modified version of the original HD5MP to help get into tight spaces (such as in between bird feathers) better and can be used for the tiniest detail work.

Most recently I had Razertip make a long HD version of the writing tip (HD9PLwhich would "drill" holes such as I do when I am trying to drill holes for inserting feathers on my masks. This is a very versatile tip and people are enjoying it as much as I do. It is also made with a heavier gauge wire than the standard writing tips so it is more stable when trying to work with gourds.


  • Laser-welded tips Less stress in manufacturing means that the industry's longest lasting tips will now last even longer! Every tip is now laser-welded into every Razertip pen.
  • Front Ventilation Ports No hot air trapped inside. Less contact between tip posts and pen body for cooler operation. Ceramic front plug (HD pens) & polymer plug (standard pens)
  • Mid-Body Ventilation Slots That hot air has to go somewhere. Slots are strategically placed not to interfere with comfortable operation.
  • Corrugated Front Pen Body Beneath our comfortable foam grip lies our exclusive corrugated pen barrel, with more surface area for better cooling. Less direct contact between the pen body and the foam grip also means cooler operation.
  • Comfortable Foam Grips Keeps your fingers comfortable while allowing for superb control.
  • Advanced Polymer Construction Using the most advanced temperature resistant resins available today, this pen is built to provide years of dependable service.
  • Tapered Rear Pen Body They are all about quality and comfort. Never before has this much design and engineering gone into pyrography tools.
  • Rear Ventilation Slots (HD only) The new HD pen has additional ventilation at the very back of the pen for the coolest operation ever!

Tip Replacement

The best part is that after the warranty on the pens expire, you can still get the pens fixed or replaced. Just return your pen to Razertip with $5.00 (includes shipping) and your tip will be replaced...no questions asked! Be sure when you send it back to them that you send it postage paid and be sure to mark that the contents is damaged and/or defective merchandise. For more information on tip replacement on any Razertip pen or most major brands of pens, please go to the Razertip pen tutorial page for information on how to contact them and how and where to send the damaged/defective parts.

Please make sure you complete your warranty registration. You can call or complete it online to the Razertip website at www.razertip.com

Don't forget to buy something to clean your tips!

I carry the Razertip tip cleaner/scraper, which are located on the at the bottom of the page. Also available to clean your tips are aluminum oxide powder and the hone strop that also can be found on the on the Razertip pyrography systems page. These are great tools for cleaning the carbon off the tips and polishing without damaging the tips. It will preserve the life of your tips with proper use. My kits offer you both options.

Pyrography Pen Holders

I asked Al to make these for me many years ago when I started teaching so I had a convenient holder to use in my classes. My students loved them so we started making them for my customers.Pyrography Pen Holder.

We designed this to hold the pens in their plastic tubes for safety reasons. They will accommodate most brands of pens except for Detailmaster (because their cords are attached to the handpiece)

To order go to the Nedra's Private Collection Page

Razertip Pyrography Tutorial

For a complete tutorial on Razertip products, the selection, care and uses please click here to go to the "Pyrography 101" Razertip pyrography tools tutorial. The tutorial also has information on how to return broken pens to Razertip during or after the warranty has expired. The tutorial contains photos with examples of how the tips can be used. It can be a great guide to help you decide which pens you might need or how to use the ones you already have and don't know what to do with. There are also many other pyrography tutorials to help you get started including safety, wood selection and prep, supplies and so much more. Be sure to check out all the Pyrography 101 Tutorials

Using Razertip Handpieces on Burnmaster or Detailmaster Burners

Notice about Razertip handpieces on other pyrography systems: The photo below shows the Razertip Standard (top) and Heavy-Duty (below) pens. Their connection is different than most other brands so be sure you have a compatible cord if you are using Razertip pens on another brand's power unit. The handle on both of these pens are vented to allow air flow so the pens stay cooler. Compatible cords for use with other brands of burners are available on the Razertip main page.

I DO NOT recommend using Razertip, Optima, Colwood or Nibsburner wood burning pens on a Detailmaster or older model Burnmaster woodburner unless you use a lower heat setting. Razertip requires an adaptor (that comes with the Burnmaster burner) and I have been getting lots of complaints over the years from Razertip users (me included when I used to sell Burnmaster) of the pens and adaptors getting hot (normal when using an adaptor) and burning out the pens. I have also seen other brands of pens literally melt down in front of my eyes in my classes when used on these burners.

Note: if you have a newer model Burnmaster unit it comes with micro-adjustable maximum power (1-volt - 3-volts) and can be adjusted to accommodate pens manufactured for 2 volt systems.

Shipping Information on Razertip Orders Outside the USA

I no longer ship outside the USA. If you wish to order, please contact me directly to see if I can have your order drop shipped directly from the manufacturer. I can arrange drop shipment of all Razertip products to most countries outside the USA as long as there is no Razertip dealer in that country. You will receive the same discounts I offer on my website. Just contact me along with your shipping address, phone number and let me know if you have 110v or 220v. I will get a quote on the price of the burner (if other than 110v) and shipping.


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