Pyrography - Wood Burning Art by Nedra Denison

What is the difference between Woodburning and Pyrography?

Pyrography (wood burning) is an ancient art form that dates back to ancient cave dwellings.  Pyrography is Greek for "fire drawing" is the art of burning images on a variety of materials such as wood, paper, leather and gourds. The tools for doing Pyrography have advanced through the ages, instead of using heated sticks we are now using electric or solar heated tools.

What is the difference between woodburning and pyrography? Well, it's simple, Pyrography is burning done on a wide variety of materials whereas wood burning is burning done on wood. Pretty simple actually.

Pyrography is still rare among fine arts media yet it's exotic beauty continues to fascinate most of us.  The warm flesh tones, textures and deep earthy hues of burning work well with portraiture which is one of my fascinations and I prefer burning on wood because of its aesthetic qualities.

Wood carvers often use wood burning for their carving and wood burning can greatly enhance a carving project. Used to create fine line detailing or sepia tones of shadowing, with just one tool and a few basic strokes this craft will open a new dimension to your finished work.

Once you catch the "burning fever" you will soon discover that a beautiful design can be created using just this tool. Wood burning is a lot more than just a dark brown outline on a piece of wood. From pale golden shading to dark textured areas, there is a wide range of tonal values that can be made with just one wood burning tool.

About my pyrography

When I first started burning I primarily used basswood because it is easy to burn with a fine grain that makes burning very smooth. I used northern winter cut basswood which is light and clear and provides a very neutral background.

As I gained experience with my burning I began experimenting with other woods and materials. I have fallen in love with soft maple and maple burl, both darker and harder but they provide a lot more "personality" and crisper detail. Burning on hard wood takes longer and a bit more skill but I get clear, crisp detail which helps turn a good burning into a great burning with a lot more character.

You can watch how I create a woodburning from start to finish. I have taken photos of several works I've done and shown how to create a burning from start to finish. Click here to view the work in progress!

How you can purchase one of my original wood burnings

If you would like to purchase one of my original wood burnings or would like to discuss a commission, please contact me

Copyright Information

All of my artwork is copyright protected. It may not be copied, reproduced, used as a pattern, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior permission of the artist. 


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