Celtic Pattern and Design Books

Below are some of the top selling Celtic design and pattern books I have found and in association with Amazon I can now offer them to you at the low prices only they can afford to offer.

Most of these books have been great resources to both Al and myself over the years in his carvings as well as my pyrography and gourds.

You might also want to experiment with the Celtic Knot Font software available from Clanbadge. I created the wood burning on the right many years ago using this software. It's fun and easy and you can create your own original designs in minutes.  

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Celtic Pattern & Design Books

These are some of the best sources of Celtic patterns that are suitable for pyrography, carving, gourd art and just about any craft.

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Great Book of Celtic Patterns
By Lora Irish

Calling on geometric forms found in Celtic monuments and manuscripts, this crafters companion presents basic design principles and step-by-step instructions for plotting out and drawing lines, twists, braids, and knots in the ancient Irish tradition. With lessons that can be applied to a multitude of arts and crafts from needlework and woodworking to decorative painting this instructional guide unravels the secrets to creating intricate Celtic knot work. Offering increasingly intricate designs with the addition of lines and new textures, artisans of any skill level will revel in the endless archive of original patterns provided in this sourcebook.

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Great Book of Celtic Patterns by Lora Irish.

Celtic Designs for Artists and Crafts people CD-ROM and Book By Dover

More than 200 authentic Celtic motifs, ideal for myriad uses, include elaborate spirals and weaves, exotic birds, horned beasts, mermaids, and other fanciful creatures. This outstanding collection of distinctive designs features a rich and diverse variety of patterns, which can be used as borders or individually.

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Celtic Designs for Artists and Craftspeople.

Celtic and Old Norse Designs CD-ROM and Book
By Amy Lusebrink and Courtney Davis

Rescued from ancient sources, these exceptionally bold motifs include an amazing array of birds, human figures, and mythological creatures, all ingeniously woven into intricate networks of spirals and interlacings. 221 illustrations, 48 of them in color, meticulously adapted from artwork that once graced ancient rune stones, furniture, sword hilts, and other artifacts.

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Celtic and Old Norse Designs CD-Rom and Book.

Celtic Stencil Designs CD-ROM and Book
By Co Spinhoven

Stirring images of traditional Celtic art, transformed into a collection of exciting, versatile stencil designs, depict birds and beasts of myth and scripture, elegant abstract designs, and more. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and complexities, these attractive and dramatic illustrations are ideal for graphic artists, textile designers, and craftspeople. 164 black-and-white illustrations.

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Celtic Stencil Designs CD-ROM and Book.

Celtic and Old Norse Designs
By Courtney Davis

For artists, designers and crafters 125 copyright-free designs depicting birds, human figures, mythological creatures, interwoven patterns and more, all meticulously adapted from centuries-old rune stones, religious symbols, furniture, manuscripts, sword hilts, cooking utensils, and other artifacts. A wealth of dramatic ornamentation in a practical and inexpensive sourcebook.

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Celtic and Old Norse Designs.

101 Celtic Knot work Designs
By Courtney Davis

The 101 knot work designs in this title are all hand painted by the author and printed in color, with each one being accompanied by a black and white version of the same image on the adjacent page, which is useful for scanning or photocopying for craft projects in art and design.

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101 Celtic Knotwork Designs.